Vibrato is a combination of precise sound, increased isolation and supreme comfort. A custom titanium driver makes Vibrato the perfect companion for your smartphone, tablet, or portable music player.

Product Highlights

  • Attractive design is ideal for travel, exercise or just everyday listening. Durable construction engineered and tested for the rigors of on-the-go listening
  • The sound signature is an impressive bass quality and clear sound The bass has very good depth and control which maintains a good balance of mid- and sub bass. The result is bass that’s accurate and powerful, yet very clean and controlled.
  • Precise sound with high definition: Exclusive 6μ titanium driver design delivers the deepest bass, elevated highs and ultra-clear midrange
  • Soft silicone ear buds provide a super comfortable noise-isolation fit
  • Built-in microphone lets you talk hands-free on your device
  • 1 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 3 pairs of silicone ear tips (one pair installed)
  • 20~32000 Hz (± 3dB) frequency response for realistic imaging sound reproduction
  • 93dB at 1V 1kHz sensitivity for distortion-free audio


“First surprise, how heavy the actual Vibrato’s are in the hand! This is a GOOD thing, feels well made and durable. The cable is also VERY good, as it does not (self) tangle at all, and I experienced no microphonic problems. Excellent.” – Jon E.

“Build quality is very solid the minute I picked these up they had a premium weighty feel to them.  The material of the cord is also very impressive.  Excellent bass extension with solid impact, which I enjoy when listening to EDM as well as Hip Hop tracks. Good treble extension.  There were no sharp edges for me that made this Vibrato fatiguing or cringe worthy. I think the mids are very well represented and in most cases often highlighted especially with vocal focused tracks.  On certain Diana Krall tracks I felt like she was singing directly at me in a very intimate way.  She was singing to me and I was looking up at her.  That’s the way her music should always sound and these Vibrato’s just nailed [it] drawing me into her voice which starts in the mids and usually extends to the treble range and the transition just leaves you amazed. I mean wow what a great IEM. It did exemplary in any genre I threw at it.  I wish I had anything negative about the sound to say but I don’t.  I think this is a real winner for me.” –Nick S.

“Good crisp clean sound. The bass quality is very good. Solid punch.” -Keith B.


  • Impedence
    16 Ohms

    Frequency Response: 
    20~32000 Hz (± 3dB)

    Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 
    93dB at 1V 1kHz

    In-ear canal style

    Jack plug
    3.5 mm stereo plug

    Cable Length:
    1.2 m symmetrical, oxygen-free copper (OFC) cable

    Dynamic, Vented opened

    6μ Titanium

  • Weight: 
    Without cable: 13.2g

    -25 dB

    Operating Temperature:
    -10°C to + 55°C

    Sensitivity: -58 dB aV/Pa

    Pick-up pattern:

    Frequency response: :
    20~22000 Hz