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Premium Audio Server

Source Pro is THE BEST music source for your home stereo; it’s the most powerful and high-end music server available for under $3000 Not only does it pair perfectly with Geek Wave, it’s also specifically designed with Geek Pulse in mind. Talk about a two-fer! . This Source comes with a built in 5TB hard drive for double the storage.

From MP3 to DXD

With Hi-Res Audio outputting in glorious fashion , the Source Pro can handle any format on the market. Looking to play FLAC, DSD, DSD2, DXD and 384K? Source Pro handles it all. With even further support for DSD in Native mode, your Source Pro will produce the finest audio.

Daft Punk in your living room

One secret of great digital audio is a lack of digital noise. Source Pro doesn’t let noise get into the signal thanks to its regulated bipolar power supply and extremely accurate dual clocks. The end result is real-to-life vocals and amazingly accurate instrument separation.

Storage, Power, and Performance

Our Source Pro combines a dedicated music server storage system and customized OS for your music, with a completely separated power supply to maintain the lowest noise for its highly rated digital analog converter. combining all three of these devices to deliver the best music experience for your home.

Everything you need in one device.

Separated Power

Source Pro power supply is completely separated. A clean no-noise power supply for the audio components and a power supply for the non-audio components in one system.

High Storage

Source Pro has massive amounts of storage for all your Hi-Res music. With the ability to add additional storage to your Source you can grow your server when your collection increases.


Source Pro features a custom tailor operating system dedicated to providing the best audio quality for your music enjoyment.