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Digital audio, with all of it’s endless possibilities and advancements, falls short in a few key areas. First off, no matter how high your DAC’s sampling rate is, you’ll never be able to hear it ALL, as there’s simply not enough bandwidth or a high enough slew rate for high resolution audio playback.

Secondly, the grounding of a digital audio system is generally not centralized and/or well managed which contributes to the ever present issue of grounding loop noise. Thirdly, the impedance matching of the audio source and next stage doesn’t match well, resulting in the need to keep swapping out audiophile cables to compensate for the mismatch.

Our solutions for these complex problems are actually relatively simple. With the release of the following Pulse Analog components, we’re able to accomplish the following.






design subject to change.

Every Pulse Analog components featured here provides an ultra-high bandwidth with super fast slew rate resulting in your music being true to itself. Highs will be smooth, yet defined and not overbearing, while still allowing you to hear the difference between your high resolution music files in comparison to normal CD quality files.

With our currently available LPS4 super regulator controlled power supply, you’ll have a single device to supply power to your entire audio source system without the ground loop or reintroduced ground noise. Pulse LPS4 has been proven work so well that it received the “Greatest Bits Award” from AudioStream.

From DAC (analog output) to Pulse Preamp, from Pulse Preamp to Pulse Power Amp. The output impedance and input impedance of next device is always incredibly well designed and perfectly matched by the LH Labs engineering team, making the whole system work in unison with sound perfection as the ultimate end-result.






Premium  Stereo and Mono Power Amplifiers.

Amplifiers have a very simple, but very important task. They take the audio signal from their input, amplify the signal by adding more “juice,” then pass it along to your loudspeakers. It sounds easy, but it’s actually quite difficult to make amplified audio sound “unamplified.” With this in mind, we decided to attend to the amplification process, with a focus on a more efficient use of power. Ultimately, we developed three solutions that improve the sound quality, and ensure that everything can fit inside a very small footprint.

What makes our premium amplifiers special.

Multi-Zone Class A



Multi-Zone Class A (MCA): With our innovative MCA Amplification, Pulse Power Amplifier automatically adjusts to the most efficient amplification level to fit your listening volume.

Bipolar Instant Power


Bipolar Instant Power (BIP): With BIP Boost technology, Pulse Power Amplifier holds power in reserve for sonic events that have more “boom.” Pulse Power Amplifier’s bipolar power design will make the power output slew rate faster than ever. You need more bass power, you’ve got it, instantly.

Ultra-Wide Bandwidth


Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: True to LH Labs’ design philosophy, Pulse Power Amplifier has an extremely wide effective bandwidth. Smart power management: With an automatic shut-off mode, Pulse Power Amplifier provides power when you need it and smart energy management when you don’t.

Two Configurations

design subject to change.

S100 Premium Stereo Amplifier.

Geek Power Amp S100 is capable of delivering 50W per channel, totaling 100W, and our BIP technology boosts it to 200W when the extra power is needed.RCA & XLR Inputs for flexibility and Speaker Outputs. If you are looking to build a wicked but easy Stereo system, the S100 if your amp.

Reserve your spot for $500. An additional $499 + shipping due before delivery.

S100 Product Diagram

With the S100 Power Amplifier, you will receive a pair of single-ended RCA inputs that can work seamlessly with our Pulse DAC family. Along with speaker outputs to feed those passive speakers the juice needed without sounding “Amplified”.

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design subject to change

M200 Premium Mono-block Amplifier.

With our  M200  Mono Block Amplifier you will receive 200W balanced at 4Ohm on both channels of continuous power. When you need that instant push of power, you will get up to 400W using our BIP (Bipolar Instant Power) technology. M200 will include 3 level MCA (Multi-Zone Class A) amplification to efficiently amplify to your listening level.

Reserve your spot for $800 an additional $599 + Shipping due before delivery.

M200 Product Diagram

With the M200 Mono Block Power Amplifier, you will receive a pair of single-ended RCA inputs and one balanced XLR that can work seamlessly with our Pulse X DAC family. Along with speaker outputs to feed those passive speakers the juice needed without sounding “Amplified”.

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Improvements for your amplifiers

We collected feedback from our original pre-order backers throughout the development process of our Premium Power Amplifiers. We went above and beyond to offer some of the most sought after upgrades to your amps and proud to announce that all of these upgrades are included in this new pre-order page if you order now. Check out what we have in store for your brand new Premium Power Amplifier.

THD Performance Upgrade.

THD_circleWith this upgrade, we’ll fine-tune your Geek M200 & S100 Power Amplifier with hand-matched active and passive components to match your amplifier which will give your amp less than half the THD (distortion).  It’s labor-intensive work, but it’s very much worth it.

Power Capacitor Upgrade.

Mundolf_cap_circleWe’ll replace all eight of the power capacitors in your Geek M200 &S100 Power Amp to Mundorf or better. This is an audiophile metallized polypropylene capacitor. In selection of the materials used,special attention was given to the sound properties.

Subwoofer Line out Package.

Sub_line_circleOne way Geek Power Amp is going to be used is in a desktop system with bookshelf speakers.  To get that last octave of music, the foundation of everything else, you’re going to want some subwoofers. With this perk, Your Amps will have single-ended line-outs added to it to hook up your subs.  It’ll include an adjustable low pass filter and a good long-range signal driver. GPA S100 will have 2 line-outs. M200 will have one line out per channel.

Power Amp Specifications.

S100 Premium Power Amplifier

Our s100 Stereo Premium Amplifier includes a Dual MCA level. With a continuous power of 50W to both channels and BiP (Bipolar Instant Power) of up to 200W when you need that extra kick. S100 input connections include a pair or RCA single-ended connections for easy setup.

M200 Mono-Block Premium Power Amplifier

The M200 Mono-Block Premium Amplifier includes a Three MCA level. With a continuous power of 200W to both channels and BiP (Bipolar Instant Power) of up to 400W balanced when you need that extra kick. M200 input connections include a pair or RCA single-ended connections and a XLR input for easy setup.

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