Introducing the GO2Pro.




Now is the time

The best in Portability

GO2Pro takes the cutting-edge tech of V2 and adds a huge 3200 mAh lithium ion battery, giving you noise-free playback for up to 10 hours!Experience the music the way it was intended, in full clear depth and deep bass, straight from your cellphone. *Connection of GO2Pro+ to your iOS device requires Apple’s Camera Connection Kit.

Versatile at its core

GO2Pro is the most transparent DAC you can find, supporting your lowest format Mp3 to the highest PCM up to 32/384 kHz and DSD for up to 128 times the sample rate of a CD! If you have a Hi-res player on your phone, you need to have the hardware that can compliment it.

The most powerful Amplifier

Our GO2Pro is twenty-five times more powerful than a laptop or phone’s output jack, GO2Pro can drive any set of headphones using your Laptop or android phone with a three step gain stage for any In-ear buds, On ear Headphones, or those big-cans you wish your cellphone could drive.

LH Labs GO2Pro is live for group buy!

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What people are saying

GO2Pro is a high performance portable USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and pure Class A headphone amplifier that builds upon the success of the Geek Out V2+. It is the most powerful, portable amplifier, period.


Announcing our group buy event for GO2Pro!

LH Labs has launched its official Group Buy event for the GO2Pro. For a very limited time we are offering this brand new product at a discount of 20% if we receive a group buy of 100 units. To Qualify for this group buy you must enter your email address, This confirms you are accepting the group buy terms and will pay the amount if the 100 units is reached in the time allotted. Every other week new information will be released on the product and posted to this page. A chart of committed buyers is updated regularly on the site to show it current progress.

Price for GO2Pro Infinity now for $480! that’s 20% off!