Where Are You LHL?

  • July 28, 2017 at 4:03 am #22182

    What is going on? What have you been doing? Are there any plans to finish this campaign this year (or any year)?

  • August 2, 2017 at 8:48 pm #22189

    It’s been awfully quiet here and elsewhere.  There is one recent post in the indiegogo Source campaign  suggesting that they are about two weeks out from their first shipment.  This is from a post copying information from a private email (their current method of non-communication with the backers).  I wonder if there has been ANY similar communication with any of the Wave backers who will be the first to receive their product.

    I hate to bash (really) but in communication, LH Labs has gone from bad to worse.  Larry seems to have no concept of the simple fact that frequent communication, even telling of the smallest progress, is the way to keep people happy.  I know that this would not appease everyone, but I suspect that the majority would be much happier with frequent but simple updates.  Anything to suggest progress would help to quiet the rabble.

    More pitiful is that they told us to come to this forum for more information and updates, then a couple of weeks afterwards seem to have COMPLETELY ABANDONED their own forum.  Not exactly inspiring confidence or brand loyalty.  Oh well…

    We are all on this rollercoaster until we receive or do not receive our products.  Thus are the hazards of crowdfunding.

    Still awaiting any word on the progress of this and other projects.  Don’t hold your breath, it could be a very long time coming.


  • August 2, 2017 at 10:03 pm #22192

    The reason we are getting private emails is because it’s the Source SE that’s near ready to ship. The normal Sources will be after that as far as I know.

    I’m assuming when the Wave SE is closer to ship, it’ll be the same deal. Private communication with those backers while the rest wait.

    I assume that’s how they did it with the Pulse SE and are doing it with the Vi Dac SE.

  • August 2, 2017 at 10:31 pm #22194

    Wait, has someone received direct emails recently regarding the Source SE? I haven’t gotten anything about it. The last direct email I got related to SE anything was for the Vi DAC Tube SE Sheet on the options we wanted.

  • August 4, 2017 at 4:02 pm #22199

    I’ve received nothing via email and they’re not replying to anything, anyone that believes that something is coming soon is fooling themselves.


  • August 5, 2017 at 6:20 pm #22200

    Secret emails keeps everything from bring public. Everyone who gets one should post it. These emails divert everyone from the fact that all LHL campaigns are a travesty.

  • August 5, 2017 at 7:12 pm #22201

    LH Labs non-communication is probably the biggest thing working AGAINST them.  It’s a pity that they refuse to figure this out.  All activity on these crowdfunding projects should be presented to ALL backers, regardless of the specific configuration backed.  As I have said many times, frequent publication of even incremental progress would quell much of the discontent inspired by the extreme lack of evidence of progress that we have had for years now.


  • August 6, 2017 at 9:09 am #22202

    In the May 10th update Larry hinted that there was a bunch on stuff going on behind the scenes and he would come clean later in a blog. I think there are a ton of issues and stupidity that has happened and all of the new customer service systems and personal emails are set-up to distract from the fact that LHL is a total train wreck now (and has been for ages). This is why IGG needs to step in, audit this campaign, and potentially close it after refunding money. LHL has abandoned nearly all forms of communication and has give backers across all their campaigns the big finger. This will only serve to ensure that their company eventually fades into non-existence (perhaps it is there now). I do not trust LHL at all and even if I get a working Wave unit, I don’t trust the quality level or their ability to service any issues. LHL has shown exactly how to NOT RUN a crowd funding campaign, a fact IGG likely has written up as a business case for their own use.

    As I wrote in the general forum “Where is the money LHL”.  We for sure will never find out, because if we did we would get even angrier than we are now (even if that is possible). WTF LHL…WTF!!!

  • August 12, 2017 at 12:54 am #22203
    Andrew Cochrane

    I do agree this is no way to run a crowdsourced business, but really this is nothing new; it was the same, for example, with the Pulse in all it’s various forms. The promising thing is that when we eventually got them (I ordered two) it was found to be of the highest quality sound for the price.

    So this gives me hope; although, I think we all agree we’ll never do business with LHL ever again once this is all over. I think that once all the products currently in development have been delivered (let’s say by 2525) Larry’s crowdsourcing days will be well and truly over.

    And I hope this will teach a lesson to those innocents who believe in “customer loyalty.” People have been brainwashed by stores offering “loyalty cards” or banks offering special rates for “loyal” customers. “Loyalty” has nothing to do with it. Give your custom to businesses who have EARNED it in providing the best product or service at the best price; bail out if they fail you (just as they rightly would if you failed to pay); loyalty is for your family and loved ones. Once this campaign is all over, I’m done.

    Squeezebox Touch -> Geek Pulse F/I -> Rega Brio-R -> 2x Harbeth P3ESR + Wharfedale Diamond SW150

  • August 12, 2017 at 12:59 am #22204
    Andrew Cochrane

    And here’s the last email update I got, on 21 June:
    Before we begin, we really want to expr­ess our most sincere appreciation for yo­ur patience in the research and developm­ent process for the best portable audio player. It’s been qu­ite a long ride but the current version, EP6, should be the last milestone before production as we have confirmed.

    The reason why we are sending this thro­ugh a direct eMail is to better communic­ate each configurati­on.

    Thanks to the new order management syst­em, we will follow up with your Wave con­figuration through the ordering system here. Here is the current project status:

    Software development: This is the most current and demanding part. We are finali­zing the User Interf­ace and optimizing the graphics driver. Details on the UI can be found by clicki­ng the following link here.

    384K PCM and DSD256 playback has been tested and has been verified to be fully functional. Jit­ter performance has been improved by a whopping 35% via soft­ware side however, we’re hoping to make it better before it’s finalized and befo­re initial release.

    NAS (Network Storage Access):  We have found sev­eral bugs for the Wa­ve when accessing yo­ur home network’s mu­sic file via remote storage. Target time to fix this: Within the next two weeks.

    Battery Remaining Pe­rcentage: The functionali­ty is working as int­ended however, we are working with the battery manufacture to ensure the percent­age is the most accu­rate as it can be.

    WiFiPerformance: The WiFi has be­en improved drastica­lly since out previo­us versions. In past three weeks, our ne­wly joined team real­ly made this part one of the best!!

    We’re planning to have our Beta sof­tware complete by the second week of July and begin sending it out to our public beta testers to ens­ure most, if not all bugs are removed pr­ior to initial relea­se.

    Hardware Part: We have already confirmed the P.O. price and budget wi­th our SOM provider which is the most im­portant part.

    PCB Fabrication for the first batch will be completed by the end of this month and the PCB Ass­embly will be finish­ed within 10 days fo­llowing that.

    We have found several minor bugs related to the last board so we decided to make a quick run to fixes these.

    Dual ES9028 pe­rformance is fantast­ic. We have achieved very solid quality for audio performanc­e.

    mSATA performa­nce and stand-by pow­er consumption is the next thing we will be working on.

    The public Beta hardware release time will start during the second week of July to first week of August, (depending on different configu­rations). We will be having several beta testers to assist in making sure we rel­ease the most reliab­le and best dac out on the market.

    If you have any que­stions or concerns. Please open a ticket at support.lhlabs.c­om. Please kindly revert to opening a ticket in regards to the current project upda­te or schedule. We will be using the ema­il system to announce any new future upd­ates.

    For XD128 / X128 Ba­cker — Good news for you! By the feedback we have received, we have THREE separa­te output connectors.

    (1) Single-ended headphone + optical SPDIF output

    (2) 4 pin TRRS balanaced headphone output

    (3) Line Out co­nnector

    Your Wave would be used as good mus­ic server and player that connects to yo­ur home audio system through Line Out di­rectly. This will op­timize the audio per­formance.

    Thank you so much for your patience with this project! We have a big team worki­ng on it to ensure the user will get the best build and audio quality possible. We will be posting more updates through emails and IGG.

    Best Regards,

    Larry Ho


    Squeezebox Touch -> Geek Pulse F/I -> Rega Brio-R -> 2x Harbeth P3ESR + Wharfedale Diamond SW150

  • October 13, 2017 at 11:52 am #24822

    Where Are You Larry Ho?

    It seems you stuck your head somewhere you think we cannot find you.

    Larry Ho I paid you:

    • 2015 ESS DAC 9018AQ2M Upgrade $22
    • Upgrade 64 to 128                              $100
    • Zero Transmission Jitter WiFi  $67
    • Dual ESS 9018M DAC’s Upgrade  $68
    • Standalone DAC Upgrade $38
    • Femto Clock Upgrade $150
    • Geek Wave 64 (Geek Force Only) $219
    • Jitter-Free Wave Bluetooth $89
    • upgraded Wave X 128.
    • some performance pack$130

    So where is the hardware? If no hardware is available, where is the money? Or face it and don’t hide in the bush, admit you failed and inform us, don’t hide or lie.


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