• December 14, 2017 at 2:45 am #27355

    I have been trying to contact someone for the past eight months concerning My Geek Source pledges not showing up in Ecommerce. (Indiegogo Order#’s 10543 and 11294).  When I try to log in to submit a ticket, I get the following message “There seems to be some problem with your account. Please contact your administrator.”  When I try to create a new login with my email address, it says the email address is in use.  I have sent msgs through every LHlab website available have received no replies. I subsequently sent a msg thru Indiegogo two months ago and was told it would be looked into.  I cannot login the new forum to post because my email address is still not working.  I am still having not seeing my Source pledges and would like for someone to please confirm that I will be receiving my Source and perks whenever it does ship out.

    Quentin Williams

  • December 18, 2017 at 11:06 am #27483
    Andrew Cochrane

    Damn, this isn’t good. As I understand, the main man is a guy called Jarek. Are you sure you’re hitting the “log in” button, as opposed to the “register” button? You shouldn’t get a message of “this email address is already in use” simply by trying to log in! I do hope you manage to sort this, after eight months. I would suggest to update this thread with any further news so the community can offer advice if needed.

    I should add that when I personally had an issue with perks not showing, several months ago, I was able to find records of PayPal payments which I referenced in a ticket and it was resolved. You could do the same, maybe?


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