Crowdsourced audio gear.

LH Labs' founding principle is to build exactly what our customers say they want. That's why our Geek Force is so important to us— they tell us what they're looking for. From there, our job is easy: get it done.

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We turn your ideas into our obsession. Then we bring them to life.

We really can't say this often enough— it's our customers who design our products. Have a great idea? Join our Force and tell us all about your vision. Our mad scientists might just turn it into our next smashing product.

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Michael Mercer
Man, that thing was so airy, tight, and downright exciting to listen to. I don't think I've heard a USB dongle-type head-amp/DAC with the overall authority and SLAM of the Light Harmonic GEEK yet. That's why all I can say is WoW!!
Michael Mercer,
Scot Hull
The Geek Out doesn’t behave like a small, pocket-friendly USB amp/DAC. It’s got the power and resolving capabilities of a desktop unit!The Geek Out 1000 has powerful musical presentation, dynamic range, and staggering dimensionality, and place it in a class all its own. It blew away my already-high expectations.
Scot Hull, Part-time Audiophile
Jason Victor Serinus
LH Labs’ Geek Out 1000 DAC/headphone amplifier... is hard to beat. [It] can handle virtually every high-resolution audio format you can throw at it.
Jason Victor Serinus, SF Classical Voice